The demand of the markets makes us improve day by day our manufacturing processes. We have 4 productive facilities located in 3 strategic points of the Argentine coast.

Mar del Plata

(Buenos Aires province)

MAR DEL PLATA (Buenos Aires province) is the main fishing port of Argentina.


The productive facility Centauro S.A. covers an area of 4,200 m2 and has a staff of 300 people who elaborate, pack and freeze products of all species caught in the Argentine sea. It has a daily production capacity of 30 tons of frozen fish, and its storage capacity is 500 tons of frozen product, and 200 of fresh product.

This facility has:

  • 2 static tunnels
  • 3 plate freezers


This establishment covers an area of 4,000 m2 and produces an entire line of canned fish products named Marechiare (tuna, squid, mackerel and sardines in different preparations and specialties, something that no other brand in the local market makes). All this canned products are sold in the domestic market, but because of their excellent quality and competitive price, they are also suitable for export.


(Chubut province)

Rawson (Chubut province) is the main landing port of fresh shrimp in Argentina.



Bonasur S.A. covers an area of 2.300 mts2 and has a staff of 180 people that work permanently in two shifts. The proximity to the port is ideal to produce top quality fresh whole, headless and EZ-PEEL shrimp, all of them simple freezing. Has a diary productivity of 20 tons of frozen fish, and a storage capacity of 400 tons of frozen product and 80 of fresh shrimp.

This facility has:

  • 4 static tunnels
  • 1 plate freezers
  • 1 continuous tunnel of 650 kg/hour.
  • Automated packaging line

Puerto Deseado

(Santa Cruz province)

Puerto Deseado (Santa Cruz province) is the main landing port of sea-frozen shrimp in Argentina.



This facility is the biggest of Grupo Veraz.  It covers an area of 7,300 m2 where 120 people work daily in two shifts. Thanks to the incorporation of latest technology we develop high added value products such as peeled and peeled & deveined frozen I.Q.F. shrimp, which is sold in markets around the world in various presentations. It has a storage capacity of 2,000 tons of frozen product

This facility has:

  • 2 static tunnels
  • 4 plate freezers
  • 1 continuous tunnel of 650kg/hour
  • 1 automated packaging line